here's a page where I only talk about the subway twins for some reason

STORY TIME: when me and my sister were little kids playing BW for the first time we both had a crush on Subway Boss Ingo but didn't tell each other. We would waste so many hours on the double line in the Battle Subway just to get a glimpse of that ugly white man, but told each other it was about the thrill of beating a Battle Facility Leader. We were young and foolish aka we just used our in-game, shit-IV, non-EV trained teams. We always lost at the trainers right before the Subway Bosses! Those Sawsbucks, I tell you. My sister started raising up a Fighting-type specialist because of those deers. Anyway, it was not until Ingo was added to Pokemon Masters that I found out, she, too, did not care for the battles, she just wanted to see Ingo in the game.

I NEVER DID PULL INGO IN MASTERS... I was inconsolable. Then I went on Ebay to see if I could buy this wretched thing:

And guess what. He's sold out everywhere.
I did buy Emmet tho!! This bitch cost $40.

He's a darling. Every time I look at him I also smile.

DID YOU KNOW? Canonically, they are eyebrowless AND they have receding hairlines! The only concept art showing that in action is considered Lost Media, however - it was only shown at a PR event for the BW Anime, and photographs weren't allowed. The plushies apparently reflect their canon hairstyles. Here is a forehead reveal:

Flash forward to the release of Pokemon Legends Arceus... my sister went in 110% blind, and when she saw that fucking white man appear after years of radio silence? She let out a scream the likes of which I've never heard of, and called me over so we could bask in the return of our favorite guy.