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Pippen on the sidewalk

An assortment of nicknames my family has given him, in roughly chronological order are: Dogis, Big Boba Eyes, Mr. Pips, Pipis, Crystal Chuu Chuu, Chubby Lovely, Crumb Crumb, Chubbathy Bubbathy.

Pippen smelling a flower

appreciating the simple pleasures of life

Pippen playing with another dog, a yorkie

that's him and his best friend!

Comparison of Pippen to a random photo of a possum

resemblance #1: this picture of a rodent

Comparison of Pippen to Ppodae, the white fluffy dog from Lobotomy Corporation

resemblance #2: Ppodae from Lobotomy Corporation

Pippen fighting a Cubchoo in Pokemon Go

vs. Cubchoo

Pippen fighting a Seedot in Pokemon Go

vs. Seedot

Pippen yawns

tired after his battles

Pippen with a Snorlax stuffed toy

resting with Snorlax

Photo in which Pippen's legs are tucked underneath him, making him look like a caterpillar

transformation into a caterpillar

Photo of Pippen taking with a fancy camera

photograph by my uncle

Pippen watching Spider-Man 2 with me. Doc Ock is on the screen.

White Boy Friday: our Spider-Man 2 movie night (please disregard the fact that I just keep a yoga ball out in the open)